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"So we just had a group of 25 Estonians on a tour to South Africa and we had Nick as our local tour guide. We would have been so lost without him! He is so well organised, has answers to all the questions in the world and solutions to all the problems that can come up during a trip. He is kind, trustworthy and awesome with people. Would definitely go to the end of the world with him!!!"

— Triin, Estonia


"Nick is such a knowledgeable and experienced fun operator nothing ever too much trouble.Always at your service whether a cold beer or a plaster always prepared for any eventuality. Well worth it to take a trip with Nick he makes you feel comfortable and safe. Well Done!"

— Adele, Cape Town


AWESOME, really doesn't come close, he was amazing!His food was to divine, (beautifully displayed & different every day) & knowledge of the area, mind blowing. Every plant, every animal, every bug had a story , and he made us feel so safe- my son got stung by jelly fish & he knew just what to do- was calm & collected, kind & totally in control.I cannot recommend Nick & his adventures enough- he listened to what every member of our family wanted & provided! 

— Cassey, Cardiff


Believe me, it is not easy with a group of 25 individuals. Nick´s contribution was just superb and awesome. When going back to SA or neighbouring countries I definitely will contact him and recommend anyone to do the same. 

— Urmo, Estonia


I highly recommend Nick to host groups of any nature. He has the patience, the know how and relaxed persona to make their experience a truly memorable one. Nick is all about making other peoples experiences the best and  always puts the client first.

— Nicky, South Africa

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