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You can’t really describe Southern Africa, without talking about the game, the vistas, the red sunsets / sunrises and the warm smiles of our people… but it’s so much more than that. You must inhale it and listen closely to hear the silence. I suppose Africa is really a feeling and once you fall in love with it, it steals your soul.

Painted bowl with African map
Choose South Africa as your safari destination

At the Southern Tip of Africa, this vast land is an unparalleled natural paradise.

With both the Indian and the Atlantic oceans hugging South Africa, you will experience varied weather patterns and contrasting landscapes offering the visitor many choices from adventure to panoramic vistas of natural beauty and history dating back millions of years.

Choose Namibia for your road trip Overland Safari

A land of contrast, with ever changing landscapes as you criss cross this sparsely populated land. Although it could be considered as an all year round destination, the rainy season however, would need special consideration. Many consider Namibia as the perfect African destination with its remoteness, but yet having all the necessary amenities.


A landlocked country teaming with game in vast natural conservation areas. Wild open spaces where wildlife roam free.

Botswana is tough travelling on machine and traveler, but richly rewarding with daily wilderness scenery. Although it could be considered as an all year round destination, the rainy season however, would need special consideration. 

Choose Zimbabwe as part of your road trip safari

A journey through the landlocked country of Zimbabwe introduces you to spectacular landscapes with laid back small towns. The local crowds meeting you on street are friendly and welcoming in the face of their hardship. Despite its many challenges Zimbabwe has not lost its charm and will woo you over. More than 13% of the country consists of superb wildlife destinations. Victoria Falls “the smoke that thunders” is one of the main attractions and will leave you humbled by its majesty.

Choose Zambia as part of your Anavista Safari experience

Zambia is a landlocked country bordering Zimbabwe.  Three major rivers, the Kafui, the Luangwa and the mighty Zambezi not only defines it’s borders but also the people's way of life. The game parks are teaming with wildlife and nights spent around a campfire will become lifelong memories. The beauty of the landscape and the abundance of wildlife is not the only attraction of this hidden gem. Zambia also famously borders one side of the majestic Victoria Falls, Africa's largest waterfall.

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