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Our journey together began on the banks of the Breede River in the stunning Breede River Valley - Nick co-owned an adventure company, Wildthing Adventures and I worked in corporate marketing.  Neither of us talked much, but we soon discovered that we both have a love of nature and a passion for travel. Our next encounter was a New Year’s Eve, again on the banks of a river, the mighty Orange River that flows through the Richtersveld, an arid piece of earth in the Northern Cape and the rest is history. 


Our journey since has taken many turns, just like those rivers.  In a convergence of events we, decided to follow our hearts and to create a company that is a reflection of who we are, the places that we love and with the values that we share:  integrity, passion, excellence and purpose. 


Nick’s conservation background and more than 30 years in the tourism industry, combined with my skills and “wanderlust” we created Anavista Travel - journeys into nature where we focus on the experience.  Just the way we like it. 


Anavista Travel


Nick Louw

  • Anavistanick
  • Nicolaas Louw
  • Nicolaas Louw

“I have two passions in life: Nature and People, combined with my connection to the African veld, love for animals, understanding of cultural diversity, my journey was shaped” says Nick.


With a deep love for his country South Africa and working as a game ranger in Namibia during vacations, his path led him to combine these skills to establish an adventure company based in Cape Town.  For more than 30 years he has navigated the rivers of South Africa and tailored ‘off the beaten track’ safaris for large corporate groups, as well as intimate family trips. His ability to connect, share his knowledge with  like-minded travelers and build relationships with people from all walks life; has earned him respect and trust with those he encounters. Once you have spent time with Nick, you will echo what they say “We will never forget time with Nick, our needs always came first.”

Aletta Louw

Aletta Louw

  • Aletta Louw

Apparently there is a saying...

"behind every man there is an 

even better woman"

The Team

Meet The Team


Nick Louw


Aletta Louw


Hennie Prinsloo
RIP - 2023
You will be missed my friend


Guido Johannsmeier


Renalda Oosthuizen

Why Anavista

Why Anavista

Anavista Travel started trading in 2017 with its focus on showcasing natural attractions across Southern Africa. Included, are also the historic, political and cultural attractions of our destinations giving greater depth and perspective to your experience. Owner-manager Nick Louw is the experienced, passionate driving force behind Anavista Travel with over 30 years in the industry. Nick is driven to share the beauty and abundance Southern Africa has to offer the adventure traveler. He says the joy and wonder as Anavista clients live this experience, never fails to make each adventure unique and special every time.


We operate with integrity and are responsible citizens in our environment. We strive to provide sustainable tourism services that reconnects you, our clients to the significance and beauty of nature and its conservation. We combine nature and the historical and cultural background to provide profound experiences and learning. We collaborate with you to design an experience unique to your needs and interests.


Ultimately, we believe in Destination Travel that inspires you to protect the future.


Through our travels we have met interesting and wonderful people that share our passion and values. Some have become friends and now partners, in our adventure. Additional services are contracted in from our partners as required.

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